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About Becoming an ACPI
Certified Coach for Parents

ACPI’s Parent Coaches have described the Academy’s program as an in-depth, “Master’s level” e-learning experience of extraordinary quality in specific skills for coaching and marketing a home-based business.

Our coaching philosophy is based upon the heartwise principals of child development; a mindbody approach for parenting the whole child, which includes support for children’s health, emotions, mental development, and spirit.

Our academy is comprised of heart-centered, highly skilled industry leaders…people who deeply value and place a high priority on relationships and are committed to offering individualized, personal training to each student. As an organization, we are committed to offering you the cutting edge research, challenging ideas, and as much personal contact with me and our course instructors as you need. Visit the Academy for Coaching Parents website for more information on an exciting career in Parent Coaching.

How To Become an ACPI Certified Parenting Coach in Only 3 Months

ACPI provides you with the most comprehensive and effective, HeartWise methods for coaching parents in responsiveness and connection that every family member deserves. You learn to provide coaching through understanding core temperaments, decoding children’s needs, providing structure for discipline, and understanding brain-based behavior for respectful responsiveness. Learn ACPI’s successful business model for entrepreneurs and join a community of experts ...coaches, nannies, counselors, therapists, parents and teachers.

No travel is required. Your commitment to the time, focus, presence and learning ensure your success. Work with an accountability partner to complete case studies and assignments. Mentor with Dr. Goode through coaching skills, attitudes, business and brainstorming. Meet your needs to be certified and establish a profitable practice in the minimum amount of time. 

For more information, visit the Academy For Coaching Parents website, or contact us with your specific questions.